All in the Timing

January 13, 2017
8:00 pm

Flowertown Players

A collection of six one acts exploring love, philosophy, fate, death, and of course timing; A each story is more humorous and charming than the last.

  1. Two young people meet in a cafe and try to start a conversation, if only it werent for that darn bell.
  2. Three monkeys trapped in a room, attempting to write hamlet, discuss the philosophies of the meaning of life.
  3. A great revolutionary tries to figure out why anyone would want to stick an axe in his head and if it is indeed fatal.
  4. A man, stuck having the worst day of his life, realizes that everything he asks for might not be what he really desires.
  5. One of the 20th Centurys greatest composers, has existential crises while buying a loaf of bread.
  6. A con man and a hopeless young woman find love and truth with a made up language.

A combination of wit, intellect, satire, and just plain fun! Get tickets.

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