From Seeds to Shillings: Growing Wealth at Charles Towne

September 10, 2016
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Charles Towne Landing

Before cotton was king and rice reigned supreme, South Carolina colonists struggled to find a cash crop that would provide them with a life of luxury. Colonists experimented with a variety of plants for both produce and profit. Join us at Charles Towne Landing for “From Seeds to Shillings: Growing Wealth at Charles Towne”. See costumed interpreters working in the crop garden and ask them what they are growing. Learn how colonial crops were used as medicines, fragrances, and dyes. Talk to the apothecary about health and healing. Visit the communal lodging house to see what’s on the menu and watch how an indentured servant would have cooked meals over an open hearth.

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