Celebrating a milestone: 100 homes sold (and counting!)


Success looks a little different here than it might at other communities. Sure, weve celebrated grand openings and new builders. Weve gushed over industry recognitions. Youve likely perused through all the photos we share from successful community events. And today, were thrilled to share we hit a new milestone: 100 homes sold (and counting)!

But this milestone feels bigger than the rest. Huge. Not because weve reached an important goal for our books or for our bosses, but because weve been reflecting on what that number means for the 100 families who are calling (or will soon call) our community home.

We see out the windows of the Corner House every day: community. Happening. Growing. New neighbors meeting, shaking hands and exchanging numbers. Hearts and front-doors opening, welcome pies delivered.

Here, a passing invitation to dinner becomes a real-life get-together. Get-well-soon dishes appear on front porches. It takes a village takes on new meaning, because, well, youve finally found your village. There are organized neighborhood cookouts and impromptu kick-ball games and better-than-a-book lessons exploring our parks and gardens. Serendipitous run-ins at Corner House Caf that turn into hours-long conversations.

And somewhere along the way, those new neighbors shaking hands for the first time become good friends. Because this place? This is a place where community happens.

So were raising our glasses to 100 homes sold, but more importantly, to 100 happy families finding home.

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