Gardening Resolutions for Thriving Flowers and Veggies

Judy at the Corner House

By this time in January, many have abandoned a number of New Year resolutions.

But dont fear you can still resolve to be a better gardener in 2016! We recently welcomed Clemson Master GardenerJudy Larocque to the Corner House for guidance on how we can be better gardeners.

Heres a slightly pruned list:

  1. Get a soil test. There is not a single action you can take that will do more to improve your soil and your results. Once you have the dirt on your dirt, you can add only what your garden needs. Clemson Extension can help.
  2. Live Greener in 2016! Plant more native varieties and honor the time-tested practices of gardening in Coastal Carolina.
  3. Mind the details as you plan. Consider crop rotation for veggies, appropriate sun exposure, drainage and soil chemistry. Good planning makes for good gardens.
  4. Prune early before leaves are on the plants!
  5. Weed early and often. Weeding is best done as needed not once things have become unruly.
  6. Accept and correct prior mistakes. This is the year to remove that giant shrub you prune and grumble over every year. Replace it with a smaller one and grumble less.
  7. Branch out! Grow a new plant this year. Grow something edible. Have fun and explore. After all, theres little more exciting than an heirloom tomato in a big container.
  8. Start your seeds at the right time. Just read your package instructions for all the clues you need to a proper start.
  9. Visit as many gardens as you can to see what works for others. As any gardener knows, ours is a hobby defined in part by cooperation and in part by competition.
  10. Enjoy your yard whenever you have an opportunity!

Judy also reminded us of the valuable resource that is the Master Gardener program. A beautiful, successful garden is only a phone call away! And for those living at Summers Corner, a short stroll to the Homestead.

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