Our Earth Day Takeaways


We celebrated Earth Day in the garden this year, hosting specialprogramming by the Clemson Extension Master Gardeners and welcomingthe fabulous folks from SCETVs Making it Grow for a unique Unpluggedpanel discussion.

Having so much knowledge in the house proved beneficial to all of us, nomatter our gardening know how, or lack thereof.

Here are some of the top takeaways we got from the crew:

Dial back the tidy! Our master gardeners presented two sessions on creatinga pollinator garden. Pollinators bees, birds and others prefer anenvironment that feels natural, versus well manicured. Plenty of audiencemembers grinned sheepishly, admitting they get a bit too zealous abouttaming the tangle in their yards.

Use tools wisely: Amanda McNulty, beloved hostess of Making it Grow,had the crowd in stitches numerous times, thanks to her warm, naturalhumor. She also had us taking plenty of notes, including tips about the toptools for gardeners. Amanda wields a dry wall saw against weeds in thegarden. She also uses a maddox tool to cut through sod and compressed soil(which she demonstrated while seated on the ground, because thats easieron the back than stooping). And finally, she advocated for a good pair ofhand pruners, kept sharp. After all, if you were having surgery, youd wantthe doctor to use clean, sharp tools. The same is true for our plants! shesaid.

Keep it real: Just because a plant is available at your local garden center,that doesnt mean you should buy it. Forcing non-native or plants that arentwell adapted into your landscape can cause you to work harder than youshould to keep it alive. Know your zones, and plant accordingly. Finally,soil testing is key to success, as one yard can exhibit a range of types. ProTip: Our Master Gardeners at Summers Corner can collect soil samples onsite, once the results are back from the lab, the MGs can help interpret theresults.

If you missed the Unplugged panel, never fear: Making it Grow will air aspecial segment about Summers Corner later this summer. So stay tuned.

And hopefully, well be successful getting Amanda and crew back in ourgarden sometime soon!

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