It’s summer. Let’s be bored together.


Another year of school has come and gone leaving moms and dads wondering – how did that happen? And more importantly – now what?

I remember when the last day of school wasn’t about trophies, certificates and pins, but rather hugging the bus driver good bye and jumping out of the school bus emergency exit.  It was a great time and we had full license to be bored.  Summers meant bare feet and sticky fingers and chins. Counting the hours until Jan, “the mail lady” arrived in her red, white and blue 1970s mail jeep, bringing us bills, letters…. and tootsie rolls! Drag races on my lavender bike with the rainbow banana seat.  Popping  tar bubbles with our toes, and then of course, walking on mom’s white shag carpet. And maybe if we were very lucky, a visit from the ice cream truck.

We were bored and out of that was birthed something organically fantastic.  Creativity, problem solving, interpersonal skills, time management. The exact same things that today we send our kids away to a gazillion camps and classes to learn.  So what if you could live in a place where it was ok to slow down a little…. and scary thought… even have time to be bored?  I think that would be pretty swell and happen to know just the place.

//Jennifer Howard, Communications Director for Summers Corner

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